Tips For Lawn Care And Landscaping

It’s important to schedule professional lawn care and landscaping services—at least occasionally. Few working families know enough about lawn care or have the time to maintain a spectacular lawn. Even those who take pride in doing some of their own work will find times when they don’t want to face the heat and physical challenges. We provide professional lawn services no matter how large or small your lawn might be.

Saving Time on Lawn Care

There might be times when you want to work on your lawn, such as early spring, but the work quickly gets old once the heat starts to rise. We can provide lawn care or landscaping with professional insights such as which grass to choose, how often to cut your grass and how to create a low-maintenance lawn using hardscape features to reduce the costs of maintenance and watering your lawn. We can cut your grass and trim your shrubs as often as needed, and we’re ready to take over the job when you can’t manage the job yourself. We provide expert advice at each stage of developing a gorgeous lawn—such as recommending equipment, choosing when to fertilize and why it’s important to aerate your soil. When you compare the costs and time of handling the job yourself, you might want to call us to get a quote on some or all of your lawn care services.

1. Professional Expertise Makes a Difference

Caring for a lawn can be challenging. There are lawn diseases such as Dollar Spot Disease, Red Thread, and Iron Chlorosis. Periods of drought are common, and your lawn will need extra watering during dry spells. Common garden pests include chinch bugs, grubs, and grassy and broadleaf weeds. It’s safest to trust your lawn care to a professional instead of relying on kids, amateurs, and your own valuable time. People hire professionals for sound reasons: They don’t want to do the job themselves, they don’t know enough about lawn care and/or they need advice about landscaping or reseeding.

2. The Cost of Lawn and Landscaping Services

It costs a bundle to buy everything to maintain a beautiful lawn. Professionals can buy and maintain specialized equipment because they work on hundreds of lawns. If you had to buy all the equipment that we routinely use, the cost would be overwhelming. Some of the equipment we use includes rakes for landscaping, thatching, and lawn and leaf removal, leaf blowers, soil aerators, mowers, tarps, weed whackers, edgers and sharpened trimmers for hedges, shrubs, and trees. Our services are cheap when you factor in the costs of equipment, and our expertise will save you money by helping you choose the right grass for your needs. Common choices include Bermuda, Buffalo, St. Augustine and Zoysia grass varieties.

3. Liabilities of Lawn Care

Unfortunately, lawn care Vancouver requires pesticides, dangerous equipment, and hard physical work, and even the most careful people can get injured when working in the yard. You don’t want to get injured yourself or be overcome by heat. Hiring a professional landscaper or lawn care professional ensures that you’re covered for liabilities caused by chemicals and equipment. Environmental damage is a common result of inexperienced use of lawn and pest control chemicals. If your contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured—as we are—you won’t have to worry about liability issues. Another benefit is that licensed contractors have access to a wider range of chemicals that aren’t available to consumers. Your lawn will look better and be free of pests. We generally bring our own chemicals, and we can give you sound advice on how to store and use hazardous lawn chemicals safely.